5 Powerful Tips for Mastering Exam Writing Skills- Expert Advice


We fully understand your pre-exam stress! Pay attention to these practical tips on how to master your exam writing skills and you will be closer to the results of your dream. Just remember, it is not enough just to read tips, you should actually follow them!

Study All the Exam Papers You Can Get Your Hands-On

You can learn a lot by studying past exam papers. Let’s even put it this way — without reviewing those previous exam papers, you can’t count on mastering exam writing skills. All the exams are at least slightly but different, which means you have to know some subtle tricks inherent to particular ones. Ask your professor, your peers, look online, buy some test builders (official ones, please!). Make sure to pass preliminary (test mode) exams if there is such an opportunity. This way your mind will be concentrated only on exam questions directly, not in the form of the exam, etc. You won’t be taken by surprise, and you will focus only on what matters. More of it, some questions migrate from one exam to another, and you can easily find those patterns and get even more ready.Tips for Mastering Exam Writing Skills

Learn How to Relax and Focus

If you are not a crazy person, there is a big chance, you are not a fan of exams in general. It is only logical — exams are stressful, they are crucial for your academic future, and that require lots of time and efforts to get ready. All this stress affects your potential results badly. You need to find and develop a practice that will allow you to reduce stress, relax but stay focus on what matters. The simplest way ever is to start meditating for 10 minutes a day, about two weeks before the critical exams. Sit still, have some deep breaths, close your eyes and come back to normal breathing. Count your breaths up to ten, and then start from the very beginning. Don’t be irritated when your mind floats — just admit it, and come back to counting breaths. This way you learn to concentrate and increase the variability of your heart rate, which helps reducing stress and boosts your cognitive abilities significantly.

Learn How to Manage Time in an Exam

When preparing for the exam, correct time management is needed, make sure to count the time you need to write, for example, 300-word answer if you know the subject well, and if you know it at an average level. Add 20% to both — exam stress will make you slower. When seeing an exam sheet, count your time precisely and strictly follow it. Read every question carefully, and repeat it in your head to make sure you truly understand it. It is often that students give wrong answers just because they were in a hurry and didn’t bother to read questions carefully. Remind yourself continuously that you have time and focus not on your watch, but your paper. If needed, take 1-2 minutes after each considerable part to have a short breathing session with your eyes closed.

Spare Some Time Before the Exam

Unfortunately, preparing for the exam, you still have to deal with another assignment. It can poorly affect your final grade. If you want to spare some time before the critical exam, to relax and focus on what matters, it can be a wise move to address a reliable paper writing service right here to deal with some of your homework assignments while you are getting ready to the exam itself.

Master Your Proofreading Skills

Meticulous proofreading is at least 25% of your final grade. You can be a creative genius, but in the academic world, avoiding technical omissions and small mistakes in your exams is even more critical. Analyze your papers, focus on the most common mistakes, note them down and when proofreading, start looking for them first. If you have an opportunity, use some professional proofreading services for a month or two before the exams, they will hone your skills.

When getting ready for the exams, don’t forget about proper nutrition, don’t leave on snacks, sleep well and have enough fresh air in your rooms. These tips are simple, but they work for everyone who bothers to try them.


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