The over-use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in tandem with the Inexperienced Revolution of 19 sixties and seventies (also called the brand new seed-fertilizer-water know-how) within the Indian context following twenty years of their widespread software within the West, has hardened the soil, decreased its fertility, polluted air and water, and introduced hazards to our well being and setting. Mockingly, regardless of the disastrous penalties of the Inexperienced Revolution within the northern components of the nation in recent times, the federal government appears to be in temper to unfold the aftermath of this chemical-seed-fertilizer know-how to different components of the nation. Nevertheless, the hazards of chemical fertilizers on well being and setting have been properly established by research carried out sometimes and they pose severe challenges to sustainable growth. On this perspective transferring in the direction of bio-fertilizers and natural farming from a system of farming requiring excessive doses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides appears to be a viable different because the latter is noticed to be pleasant to well being and setting.

Chemical Fertilizers and Environment

Chemical or artificial fertilizers are principally salts by definition, and subsequently, are anticipated to be dangerous to agriculture in the long term. But they have been promoted by their producers below the misgiving that they might replenish the vitamins within the soil. Opposite to this, research carried out sometimes have established that artificial fertilizers are likely to replenish solely nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, whereas depleting different vitamins and minerals which are naturally present in fertile soil. Lower in soil fertility additionally corroborated with continuous use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides within the discipline as revealed in these research.

Extreme use of phosphatic fertilizers trigger hardening of the soil as phosphorous doesn’t dissolve in water, whereas alkaline fertilizers like sodium-nitrate, primary slag develops alkalinity in soil lowering its fertility. Growing use of chemical fertilizers additionally causes imbalance in amount of particular vitamins within the soil adversely affecting, in flip, soil fertility and vegetation.

Soil fertility can be lowered resulting from pesticides utilized to wipe out undesirable herbs within the discipline, pesticides meant to kill pests, and chemical compounds which have bio-cidal exercise affecting rodents and so forth. Pesticides trigger land degradation in varied methods. They kill some helpful species just like the earth worms and micro-organisms that keep the pure fertility of the soil by their actions. The micro organism or micro-organisms within the soil would usually break down natural matter into plant vitamins, and assist convert nitrogen from the air right into a plant-usable kind. There are different helpful soil micro organism equivalent to “illness organisms” which preserve cutworms, chinch bugs, grubs, and different parasites in test. Decline within the natural matter of the soil additionally ends in hardening of the soil which, in addition to affecting vegetation additionally decreases infiltration and water retention capability.

Apart from, software of chemical fertilizers and pesticides causes contamination of the aqua system each straight and not directly. As an illustration, nitrogen is poisonous to fish and invertebrates. It is usually poisonous to people. Individuals who depend upon rural wells for potable water have larger threat of publicity to circumstances like Methemoglobinemia, and aka Blue Child Syndrome which damages blood cells and is traced to excessive ranges of nitrate focus as floor water is contaminated. The herbicide atrazine, one of the generally used pesticides, is understood to be a typical water contaminant. Pesticides developed in recent times are discovered to be extra poisonous to water dwelling bugs, planktons, crustaceans and fish. Even a low degree of the herbicide atrazine, by contamination of streams, ponds and estuaries may be dangerous to the entire aqua system. It might inhibit the expansion of algae and plankton affecting the food regimen and replica of fish or different water our bodies.

It has been noticed that, chemical pesticides no extra killed the goal pests, for the latter had developed resistance absorbing the residue of such pesticides whereas they’ve hit the non-target pests, birds and micro-organisms helpful to agriculture and setting. There are pesticides like organochlorine which are, although breakable, comparatively quicker than DDT, hit the non-target organisms. They enter the meals chain of human-beings and stay collected in species just like the eagle, falcon and kites. The latest decline within the eagle inhabitants is the reason for it. There are circumstances of decline in kite and vulture inhabitants in India due to make use of of pesticide of an US multinational company. It was banned solely just lately following protest by ecologists.

Once more, use of pesticides not solely pollutes the ecosystem contaminating the soil and acqua system, but in addition pollutes the air. For, even a cautious spray of pesticides could make it combine within the air as vapour. In consequence, there are possibilities of poisoning of bees and different pollinators. Thus, aside from posing a risk to biodiversity affecting flora and fauna, chemical fertilizers and pesticides destroy the setting by air, water and soil air pollution.

Chemical Fertilizers, Bio-fertilizers and Our Well being

Pesticides and overuse of chemical fertilizers additionally have an effect on our well being by retaining the residue by meals chain. There are evidences of residues of pesticide in greens inflicting continual well being circumstances in human-beings equivalent to most cancers and different systematic dysfunctions. Residues in meals and water prolong the hazards to a a lot wider inhabitants than that affecting the farmers alone.

A twelve-year research by researchers evaluating organically grown and chemically grown meals discovered that artificial nitrogen fertilizer leaves poisonous nitrates in greens at the very least 16 instances larger than that present in greens grown organically. Nitrates and residues of pesticides have oncogenic or most cancers producing components. The aspect omega-Three present in greens protects us from coronary heart illness, most cancers and Alzeimer’s illness. However it’s reducing daily in meals chemically grown. As is apparent, these illnesses weren’t quite common earlier than the World Conflict II when chemical fertilizers weren’t used.

Scientists have discovered that minerals containing within the meals are essential to our well being. They preserve us illness free. Mere nutritional vitamins and energy should not ample for our survival. Nevertheless it has been established by research that chemical fertilizers and pesticides destroy the important minerals in crops and greens. Compared to greens grown below natural system of cultivation these minerals are discovered a lot much less in amount in chemically grown greens. So it’s argued that the meals coming from fashionable agricultural strategies would solely fill your abdomen however you stay poor in vitamin.

Once more, research carried out by researchers within the US and UK over final seventy years has come to the conclusion that natural fruits and greens contained 27 per cent extra vitamin C than these chemically grown. Apart from, they invariably contained extra minerals and a lot much less poisonous nitrates.

Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-pesticides as Alternate options

Not like the artificial fertilizers, bio-fertilizers would don’t have any obnoxious issues on our well being and ecosystem. Bio-fertilizers embody excreta of animals equivalent to cow-dung, vermin-compost, dhanicha (inexperienced manure), natural wastes, crop residues, manure and so forth having organic or natural origin. Use of bio-fertilizers brings again the pure fertility of the soil with out inflicting hurt to earth-worms and micro-organisms. Apart from, these fertilizers don’t go away poisonous residues within the meals. Removed from it, they might retain the pure minerals and the plant absorbs from the soil.

Bio-fertilizers like vermin-compost will enhance soil fertility and forestall hardening of the soil. The vermin and dwelling micro-organisms within the soil would additionally break the naturally obtainable nitrogen from the air for plant use. Once more, it is going to assist permitting infiltration of rain water reasonably than inflicting water-logging. Using bio-fertilizers could have little detrimental impact on floor water as there can be little nitrogen leaching into the earth contaminating the water.

Once more, using animal and plant wastes within the discipline as manures will clear the setting. The natural wastes piled up in every single place can be utilized as compost lowering the environmental air pollution. Apart from, the deposits from ponds and aquatic techniques can be utilized as bio-fertilizers and pesticides. This may clear the aquatic system whereas growing productiveness within the discipline.

As in opposition to the toxic chemical pesticides bio-pesticides ready from pure organic assets like crops and standardized microbes don’t have any dangerous results. Native bio-pesticides like neem leaf and oil, karanj (derris indica) extracts and oil, cow urine can be utilized as insecticide and fungicide. Not like the chemical pesticides they don’t hit the non-target pests nor do they pollute the setting.

Preparations of neem embody neem desserts, neem kernel, neem oil and so forth. Neem leaves and oil have been utilized by farmers within the Indian subcontinent since time immemorial as efficient pesticide and preservative as properly. Scientists in India, US and Europe have found many properties of neem as an obnoxious pest controller. Research have proven that as a substitute of killing pests at one go neem serves as a pest repellant and ovipositional deterrent, that’s, pests don’t unfold eggs on crops utilized with neem extracts.

Karanj oil and preparations constituted of it (now obtainable with corporations manufacturing them) function efficient insecticide and miticide. All types of mites inflicting hurt to crops just like the crimson spider mites, scarlet mites, yellow mites and so forth are successfully managed by preparations constituted of karanj.


The event of hybrid seeds of cereals, pulses and different crops although raised the productiveness and supported the rising inhabitants of the nation from hunger, because the sixties, it required larger use of chemical fertilizers, among the compounds imported from developed international locations. After twenty years of the Inexperienced Revolution it was discovered that the soil was shedding its fertility demanding extra and extra of chemical fertilizers for the excessive yielding varieties (HYV) of seeds to boost productiveness, whereas pesticides have been for use in larger doses as pests developed larger resistance. Immediately the state of affairs is so acute that productiveness can’t be elevated with out surpassing the damaging degree of fertilizer use affecting well being and setting, particularly in areas like Haryana and Punjab the place the per capita consumption of chemical fertilizers may be very excessive. In view of the above hazardous results of artificial or chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the query arises, ought to we proceed using HYV seed-chemical fertilizers know-how? If not, what are the alternate options? Within the current context, a system of natural farming utilizing indigenous reasonably than HYV seeds with bio-fertilizers and native pesticides appears to be the one resolution. It’s time that each the Union and State Governments ought to come up from their slumber and promote and propagate the system of natural farming dismantelling using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Source by Md Riaz


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