Crash course for UPSC Prelims & Strategy

Written by:- Manvi Jain

Being a civil servant, a huge responsibility endows upon an administrative officer who is liable towards the citizens of his area and also towards the government. He/she needs to maintain a perfect balance between system policies and aspirations of citizens. The traits, qualities and knowledge viz. spatial and temporal with historical, economic, political, societal and geographical perspective of his posting region plays an important role to become a successful civil servant.

The journey of becoming a civil servant starts from here. The very first step is to clear the national level Civil Service Examination conducted annually by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). This examination consists of three stages:

  1. Preliminary examination (Objective)
  2. Mains Examination (Descriptive)
  3. Interview session (Face to face interaction)

As we all are familiar with the prevailing situation of Covid-19 pandemic crisis, almost all of the pre-scheduled 2020 examinations have been postponed along with UPSC prelims which were scheduled to be held in June 2020 has been rescheduled to 4th October 2020. If you are aspiring to appear in UPSC 2020 examination, you are at the right place. You are left with last 20 days remaining but its never too late to begin. This article “Crash course for UPSC Prelims” will make you able to adopt smart strategy for the last moment preparation tips and help you to access the best study material for effective preparation.

First of all, analyze the exam pattern of UPSC prelims which is given below:

PaperNo. of questionsTimeMarksNegative marking
General Studies I1002 hours2001/3 of Correct answer
General Studies II (CSAT)802 hours2001/3 of Correct answer

Crash Course for UPSC Prelims

Crash course plays an important role in last moment preparation. Here we are providing you some of the important sites and resources you should opt for Crash courses for Prelims 2020.

  1. Vajiram IAS

Vajiram IAS is one of the leading Civil Service institute based in Delhi. It has been known for its high-quality study material and expert faculties. For all GS subjects crash courses, online test series, classroom and postal courses you should opt for Vajiram IAS for revision and last moment preparation.

Here we are providing you the link to register for UPSC Prelims 2020 crash Course.

For more information visit the link below”

  • Drishti IAS

Drishti IAS is one of the leading Institute for IAS preparation specifically in online learning. Current affairs play an important role in prelims preparation with high weightage. Not only 20-25 direct questions but also most of the traditional questions are linked from the current events and happenings. A candidate should have proper updates of all the current events and a good command so as to score higher than other competitors.

You can find the Crash course of PT 2020 for previous year solved papers, practice quizzes for GS I and CSAT both and all the daily/weekly current Affairs on the link given below:

you can also visit Drishti IAS you tube channel

  • Unacademy

Unacademy has now become a paramount platform to prepare for several competitive exams. One of them is UPSC CSE. Unacademy provides crash courses and expert lectures for all the core subjects required for UPSC and also for CSAT viz. environment and ecology, polity, economy, science and tech etc.

  • BYJU’S

BYJU’S the learning app is providing the free crash course for UPSC CSE 2020 to provide all the students with necessary study material. The students who are unable to afford the paid courses may visit the link given below for further details.

Here is the complete schedule for crash course.

Preparation Strategy and Last month tips for UPSE Prelims

  • Syllabus Assessment
Syllabus Assessment
Syllabus Assessment

Syllabus is the first move you need to put your first step upon. Without proper analyzation of syllabus, a candidate will not be able to study smartly and there is a chance of time decay over those topics which are not so important literally. Syllabus acts as a reflector for your preparation to any examination.

  • Stress on high weightage topics
	Stress on high weightage topics
 Stress on high weightage topics

The first preference of any candidate should be the topics which have high weightage as it will increase the ranking by increasing your marks. There is not much time left for UPSC 2020 so you need to be smart in your choice of topics during revision as you can’t study whole of the syllabus or books. The syllabus for UPSC is like an ocean and you can access a glass only.

  • Pick up the standard study material

Standard books contain calibre concepts and theories with effective language and easy tips and tricks which are helpful in understanding the concepts and build up the interest of students towards any topic. The expertise online lectures or some study material helps you to prepare in more effective way and clearing the doubts.

  • Follow time table with punctuality

Punctuality binds us with our dream or goal. If you are punctual, it shows your dedication towards your objective. A candidate needs to follow the time table honestly otherwise there will be no consistency in the preparation and you lag behind those candidates who are working hard day and night with honesty and zeal.

  • Prepare self-notes while studying

Self-notes are easy to understand as they are written by you as per your needs and demands. You can even make your own short tricks which helps you to remember things and memorize during the examination. Notes also saves the time during revision at last minute or last day. You should not opt for detailed books while just few days left for main examination, it will take lot of your time reading a single topic.

  • Special emphasis on weaker sections

Make your weakness your strength is absolutely correct way to boost your preparation. More emphasis should be laid on the weaker sections only if you have enough time but if you have only 10-15 days left with you then you must prepare or revise only those topics which you know well.

  • Give Mock tests and quizzes

Giving proper mock tests makes your preparation more qualitative and make you quite familiar with the trend of exam and updated pattern. It also helps you analyze how well you are prepared for the upcoming exam and weak points and strengths. But avoid giving mock test during the last days preparation as it will create pressure on your mind and may demoralize you if you unable to obtain good enough marks. The level and pattern of mock test and main exam may be distinct.

  • Be consistent in study

Consistency is the rarest of all human qualities. It happens with most of the students, they forget those things which they knew well just before the examination. To avoid such type of silly mistakes, a candidate must revise the topics consistently or even daily before going to the bed what they read in the whole day. This ensures long term memorization.

  • Keep positive mindset

Positive mindset is compulsory for every challenge and test of life. It makes you self-confident and encourages you to become successful. Only you are the shaper of your destiny, you can achieve everything what you are craving for. Be positive and keep trust on your abilities. Don’t set limits for your achievements, there is lot to achieve and a lot to elicit.

  • Have a healthy diet

Healthy diet keep yourself healthy and a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Maintain your health before your exams otherwise all your preparation, hard-work and perseverance will go in vain.

  • Take enough breaks
Take a break.

Take proper breaks and keep yourself cheering to avoid monotony. It will energize the mind and soul and motivate you to achieve something great that you really deserve.

“All your dreams will come true, foster the courage to chase them.”

Hope this article “Crash course for UPSC Prelims” will help you to boost your preparation with crash courses and preparation strategies. I wish All the future aspirants best of luck in their endeavour.

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