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Informatic Practices

Informatic Practices

Hi Student, The CBSE prepares the syllabus for the academic year of class 12 for all the subject. Program of Class 12 Informatics Practices Syllabus as you know very well that the has its curriculum, and they hold the supreme authority to change it further for the benefit of students. In this article, you can get the latest CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Syllabus and Exam Pattern in PDF for the academic year 2020-21 and this syllabus is absolutely free of cost.

CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Syllabus 2020-21

In-depth knowledge of the Class 12 Informatics Practices syllabus to get a decent idea regarding the exam pattern and marking scheme. By going through the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus students will get to understand the unit names, chapter under each unit and sub-topics involved in it. Let us now check the Syllabus with topics to be covered with exam pattern.


Computer Networking: Networking - a brief overview, Basic concept of domain name, MAC, and IP Address, Identifying computers and users over a network (Domain Name, MAC 'Media Access Control' and IP address), domain name resolution, Network Topologies, Types of network - LAN,MAN, WAN, PAN; Wired Technologies - Co-Axial, Ethernet Cable, Optical Fiber;

Wireless Technologies - Blue Tooth, Infrared, Microwave, Radio Link, Satellite Link; Network Devices - Hub,Switch, Repeater, Gateway - and their functions Network security - denial of service, intrusion problems, snooping

Open Source Concepts:Open Source Software (OSS), common FOSS/FLOSS examples (e.g. Gnu/Linux, Firefox,
Open Office), common open standards (open document format Ogg Vorbis)

Indian Language Computing: character encoding, UNICODE, different types of fonts (open type vs true type, static vs dynamic), Entering Indian Language Text - phonetic and key map based.


Review of Class XI Programming Fundamentals

Basic concept of Access specifier for classes, Members and methodsasic concept of Inheritance: need, Method Overloading and Overriding, Abstract Class and Interfaces,use of interfaces.

Commonly used libraries: String class and methods: to String(), concat(), length(), to LowerCase(),toUpperCase(), trim(), substring()

Math object: pow(), round()

Accessing MySQL database using ODBC/JDBC to connect with database.Web application development: URL, Web Server, Communicating with the web server, concept of Client and Server Side.

HTML based web pages covering basic tags - HTML, TITLE, BODY, H1..H6, Paragraph (P), LineBreak (BR), Section Separator (HR), FONT, TABLE, LIST (UL, OL), FORM;Creating and accessing static pages using HTML and introduction to XML


Review of RDBMS from Class XIDatabase Fundamentals Concept of Database Transaction, Committing and revoking a Transaction using COMMIT and REVOKE,Grouping Records: GROUP BY, Group functions - MAX(), MIN(), AVG(), SUM(), COUNT();using COUNT(*), DISTINCT clause with COUNT, Group Functions and Null Values,Displaying Data From Multiple Tables: Cartesian product, Union, concept of Foreign Key, Equi-Join

Creating a Table with PRIMARY KEY and NOT NULL constraints, adding a Constraint, enabling Constraints, Viewing Constraints, Viewing the Columns Associated with Constraints;

ALTER TABLE for deleting a column, ALTER TABLE for modifying data types of a column DROP Table for deleting a table;


Front-end Interface - Introduction; content and features; identifying and using appropriate component(Text Box, Radio Button, CheckBox, List) for data entry, validation and display;

Back-end Database - Introduction and its purpose; exploring the requirement of tables and its essential attributes;

Front-End and Database Connectivity - Introduction, requirement and benefits Demonstration and development of appropriate Front-end interface and Back-end Database for e-Governance, e-Business and e-Learning applications

Exam Pattern

Here in this Section, we have mentioned the Class 12 Informatics Practices Exam Pattern. Students can check the Class 12 Informatics Practices Exam Pattern for the academic year 2020-21.

Unit No. Units Name Marks
1 Data Handing-2 30
2 Basic Software Engineering 15
3 Data Management-2 15
4 Society, Law and Ethics-2 10
5 Practical 30
Total 100

Brief Review

Below we have mentioned the Class 12 Informatics Practices Syllabus Brief Review like which topics/chapters to be covered in the syllabus. students are advised to check the brief review of Informatics Practices syllabus.

Unit 1: Data Handling (DH-2) Unit 2: Basic Software Engineering (BSE)
Python Pandas
Plotting with Pyplot
Introduction to software engineering
Software Processes
Delivery models
Process activities
Agile methods
Practical aspects
Unit 3: Data Management (DM-2) Unit 4: Society, Law and Ethics (SLE-2)
Write a minimal Django based web application that parses a GET and POST request, and writes the fields to a file – flat-file and CSV file.
Interface Python with an SQL database
SQL commands
Intellectual property rights, plagiarism, digital rights management, and licensing (Creative Commons, GPL and Apache), open-source, open data, privacy.
Privacy laws, fraud; cybercrime- phishing, illegal downloads, child pornography, scams; cyber forensics, IT Act, 2000.
Technology and society
E-waste management
Gender and disability issues while teaching and using computers.
Role of new media in society
Issues with the internet


Below we have mentioned the Class 12 Informatics Practices Practical Syllabus like which topics to be covered in the practical. students are advised to check the brief review of Informatics Practices syllabus Practicals.

S.No. Unit Name Marks
1. Lab Test (10 marks)
Python programs for data handling (60% logic + 20% documentation + 20% code quality) 7
Small Python program that sends a SQL query to a database and displays the result. A stub program can be provided. 3
2. Report File + viva(9 marks)
Report file: Minimum 21 Python programs. Out of this at least 4 programs should send SQL commands to a database, and retrieve the result; at least 1 program should implement the webserver to write user data to a CSV file. 7
Viva-voce based on the report file 2
3. Project + viva (11 marks)
Project (that uses most of the concepts that have been learnt) 8
Project viva voce 3

Class 12 Informatics Practices Syllabus in PDF

Here in this Section, we have mentioned the Informatics Practices Syllabus in pdf format with an exam pattern. Students can check the Informatics Practices Syllabus in pdf for the academic year 2020-21.




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