How to Become A Successful Online Teacher in The Emerging Digital Era?

Written by Manvi jain

The world is rapidly shifting towards the high-tech digital scenario. Where exactly you find yourself as per the expectations of the leading generation? In the past few months, a large number of schools, colleges, institutions and several other businesses have shifted to the digital learning platforms. Most of the teachers are busy in transitioning themselves to the contemporary era of online teaching from the traditional way of classroom teaching. But the most challenging situation in front of them is how to become a successful online teacher fulfilling all the expectations of students.

Training developers have need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an after-thought, or an event.

In this article you will ensure yourself to get victorious in your ambition. Here are some peculiar tips to become a remarkable teaching faculty:

  • Perceive the technology

If youare initializing for technology driven courses or teaching methodology then you need to perceive the technology first. The deep understanding of micro level tools and specific to general technical knowledge ensure your success in this profession. Make sure the platform you are using is up to date and easy to handle for the students. If you failed to know the technology properly, you can not be able to teach effectively.

  • Contemplate targeted audience

To become a successful online teacher, you need to design your lessons as per the student’s demand. There are distinct learners and people respond differently to discrete approach. But, the most important distinction is between adult and adolescent learners. Adult learners have some specific needs and intrinsic motivation to take any course. Actually, they are self-directed and don’t depend on others. Today’s generation is task oriented, so try to incorporate tasks into your courses. Children, on the other hand, need extrinsic motivations, like get better grades at school for a reward. They need to be directed by others. Amusement is a great way to keep them engaged.

  • Well organized and methodical course structure

The foremost thing is that the course structure should be well defined and organized in a format to understand in a simple and coherent way. Simplicity and smart structure are the key to keep the students connected to your course. Always have a backup for all assignments which rely on technology. It will create a sense of comfort among the learners and helpful in developing a community of good learners.

  • Ensure better connectivity with students

Although you might not be present physically in front of your students yet try to be connected with them for maximum time. Video classes showing your face interact the learners with you more effectively. Welcome the learners for online classes by doing text to all students, by video if possible and reassure them. Using video chat rather than basic instant message while interacting make better connectivity. Provide quick and open responses to questions. Completing your profile with professional and personal traits makes you better known.

  • Endorse andragogical approach

Unlike the traditional way of teaching which followed the pedagogical approach, nowadays teaching should be learner centric or andragogical. It has the ability to attract large number of learners and creates a sense of satisfaction among them.

  • Manifest a digital home base

There should be a single digital home base for your learners so that the students can find all the updates, study material, notifications, mock tests and classes at one place. It should be easy to handle and understand. Offer free services and cultivate norms make it more professional and stable.

  • Ensure the consistency by giving assignments

Consistency is must in learning at every stage. By engaging them in completing assignments and work, creating the debating forums for them, develops high level of IQ and confidence in learners along with clarity in concepts.

  • Try to Make short videos with amazing Presentation

Longer the video content, it makes the students monotonous and lessen the interest in that topic. Try to cover the topics in small parts and make your teaching style amusing so that it develops interest and curiosity among the learners. Presentation is a tool to attract the audience. Make your presentation attractive as much as you can by using simple and nice fonts, stimulating background, graphs, pictorial content and maps where needed.

  • Individual correspondence

Individual correspondence is must in teaching as each and every candidate is different and need some specific attention. It creates a sense of satisfaction and develops trust factor towards a teacher. A little interaction with the weak students and clearing doubts in the beginning and before ending the class makes the student more focused and confident.

  • Think before you publicize

Always think and analyze the content with every perspective before you publicize it. Content is the most crucial to make your profile much better than others. Make sure the content you are posting is up to date and relevant with the expectations of the learners.

  • Always ask for Feedback

Feedback is the most important deciding factor whether you are teaching well or not, either your students are satisfied with your teaching aids or not. Hence, ask for feedbacks at the last of every video lecture and try to work upon improving yourself as per the expectations of students and clear the doubts as quick as you can.

“Students could not learn much just sitting in classes listening to teachers, memorizing prepackaged assignments, and spitting out answers. They must be talked about what they are learning, write reflectively about it, relate it to past experiences, and apply it to their daily lives.”

The whole world is entering into the digital era, why not you? These online teaching tips to become a successful online teacher will definitely help you achieve the success.

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