How To Clear IELTS Exam In First Attempt

We all know how it is important to clear the IELTS exam before going abroad for study. IELTS stands for (International English language testing system). Before you appear for the IELTS exam, it is necessary to understand the format of the IELTS exam. Most of the students are worried about how to clear the IELTS exam and for that, they spent too much money on immigration offices. Candidates can refer to Dr.Roma IELTS Preparation Course that offers complete guidance and mock tests to IELTS online. So here I am going to share some tips to crack IELTS in the first attempt. Let’s read this in detail:-

Developing A Reading Habit

Whether you are going to attempt Academic IELTS or General IELTS, it is important to develop a reading habit. The more you read the more chance your reading skills can be fast. So start your practice by reading newspapers, novels, magazines, etc. This will helps you to improve your reading habit and can enhance your skills. English is not difficult if you do it properly. So practice, practice and practice, and you will definitely speak English within just a few days.

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Write Every Day

If you want to clear the IELTS exam, first you need to understand the different writing styles. So readings are important and write as much as you can. Start writing according to your favorite topic. This will helps you to sharpen your writing skills. Also increase your writing speed by setting the time and then track your progress. In the IELTS exam, your writing speed matters a lot because you will get limited time to attempt the questions.

Improve Your Vocabulary & Grammar

For good marks, it is important to improve your English grammatical mistakes and vocabulary. Try to learn new words every day and focus on your grammar skills. If you are a newbie then you can check online grammar checking tools that will help you to improve your English.

Watch & Listen To English Content

To improve your English, ask your family members to talk with you in English for about 5-10 minutes and listen to them properly. After listening to them properly, give your reply that whatever you understood. Every day listen to English content on YouTube or watch American series and British series or any kind of English movies. The more you listen to English on your daily basis the more chance that your listening power will strong and you can easily understand the IELTS listening task.

Always Speak In English

Boost your confidence and don’t feel shy while talking in English. Start your self-practice by speaking in English in front of your mirror. Record your voice on your mobile phone to check your pronunciations and tone of voice. This is a great way to improve your English. So always talk in English whether you are going outside or hanging out with your friends. Make sure that you communicate with your colleagues, friends, relatives in English. This will boost your confidence and you can feel free to talk with your examiner without any hesitation.

IELTS Listening Section Tips

  • First, read the question carefully before the recording starts. This will helps you to identify the answer properly.
  • Must concentrate on your intro part of every section.
  • Listen the clues carefully that describe the topic very well.
  • Write your answer without grammatical mistakes, otherwise you will not get good marks in your IELTS listening section tips.

IELTS Reading Section Tips

  • Concentrate on your answer properly and don’t waste your time on any question or text.
  • If you are unable to answer, don’t spend too much time on one question and move to another question. This will helps you to save your money.
  • Read all the instructions carefully and then start writing.
  • As I already said, concentrate on your grammar.

IELTS Writing Section Tips

  • It is necessary to give relevant answers to the questions that you are going to attempt. Make sure that you write a conclusion in your last paragraph.
  • Avoid your grammar mistakes, spelling and write your answer as simple as you can so that your examiner can understand your answer easily.
  • Your answers must be linked to each paragraph and use language in an academic style.
  • Don’t use bullets in your answer.
  • IELTS Speaking Section Tips
  • Make sure to give relevant answers to your examiner.
  • Behave mannerly in front of your examiner.
  • Give your answer with a proper example.
  • Think before you speak because your examiner will ask you a lot of questions to check your English.


In the end, I just want to say that listening comprehension skills improve with more and more practice. But reading skills will be improved with more analysis. First, understand your weak point and then focus on your weak point to improve your skills. The more you practice the more chance you will crack your IELTS exam.

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