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If it is about preparing for competitive exams, like CLAT, it is important to understand that the course is vast, and you have to revise all the concepts, tricks, and tips before the D-day. So, to revise all this, you need to start early. Every student perceives revision differently; for some, it is about brushing up the concepts, while for others, it might be to revisit the concept and practice it once again. The time before the exam is very crucial, and the students should avoid taking any stress. To avoid stress, try to stick to the topics that you’ve already studied rather than trying to study the new topics.

Some Effective Tips To Clear CLAT Exam

However, to save your energy and time, we are sharing some tips in this article. Read further to know more and follow these points to stay ahead of others, at a point where CLAT Exam is just a few days away.

When you revise, you must be clear that you’ve already mastered the topic, and this is the time for revision. The revision should be rapid, quick, and comprehensive. So while preparing, you must make notes of important things or formulas you need to remember. Because at the end moment, you don’t have enough time to flip the pages of the book and revise.

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Make Use of Diagrams and Flowcharts

Your brain always tends to remember visuals more than texts. So you can try to note the information in several varieties, such as pictorial form or flowchart, to revise the topics easily. However, not all concepts need to have a diagram.

Devote Equal Time

Students tend to devote more time to the stronger topics and lesser time to subjects they don’t like. But to prepare well, one must devote equal time to all the subjects, even while revising.

Take The Help of a Crash Course

You can take the help of a crash course, as it can help you to cover the entire syllabus efficiently. It will also help you to learn a lot of tactics to expedite your learning. You can take the help of expert mentors in online classes; it can be really helpful.

Take CLAT Mock Test

If you wish to clear any entrance exam, you must take as many mock tests as possible. It is recommended that a student should try with one-two mock tests a week during preparation, and while revising, one must take at least two mock tests daily. This will help them to assess their preparation level and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. During the final phase of preparation, students should just concentrate on taking and evaluating tests.

Analyze your Performance in CLAT Mock Tests

It is recommended by CLAT toppers that evaluating mock tests is more important than taking mock tests. They say that appearing in CLAT mock tests regularly has helped them in overcoming their weaknesses and improved their strong subjects. Revision is about getting a direction and assessing your preparation, and this is possible by analyzing your performance. Evaluate immediately after taking tests.

Keep your resources to the point

Stacking up books and study materials can not fetch you marks. Students often buy a lot of books even for revision purposes, and it is just a waste of time and money. Make use of the books and notes that your mentors have provided in the final phase. This will help you tremendously.

In the dearth of time, students must focus only on increasing their efficiency and efficacy rather than flipping the pages of the books.

Strategy for Different Section

For Mathematics, brush up on the formulas, and revise all the important short-tricks and techniques learned for solving mathematics questions.

The Legal Aptitude section in the CLAT exam has never ceased to have surprised the students. Practicing the previous years’ papers is the only way to revise this section.

English, General knowledge, and logical reasoning are the sections you need to revise on a regular basis.

  • Practice at least 10-20 questions of logical reasoning on a daily basis.
  • Clear the grammar concepts in English and note the important points.
  • Be updated with the regular news and current affairs nationally and internationally. Have a separate journal for current affairs to revise at the end of each month. The general knowledge section cannot be cracked without regular revision.

Time Management

While practicing, students will get an idea about the kind of questions asked and the time to devote to each question. By solving more and more sample papers, students will get an idea about choosing the questions. Generally, it is not possible to attempt all the questions in the given time period, so one must choose wisely.

Be Disciplined

You cannot be successful in your life until you don’t work with discipline. Bring discipline in your life to do well in the exam. Till the time you are preparing for the CLAT exam, make sure you keep the social media, TV, and other distracting things on the bay and concentrate on studies as much as possible. Make a timetable and start revising according to the plan.

Be committed to your goals. A smooth sea can never make a skilled sailor. Stick to your plans and try to meet the daily targets set by you in the exam revising schedule. Revision alone cannot help you without concept preparation. Be strict and severe on the time management skills.

Key Points To Remember

There are countless ways of revising. The least effective way is to just read the notes over and over, and the most effective way is to practice and where you interact with the study material, making it meaningful for yourself:

  1. Use your study material to answer any question or address a problem you have not previously tackled.
  2. Summarise the materials as per your understanding.
  3. Form the chart or diagram of the important points.
  4. Discuss the material with other people preparing for the exam.

Do not doubt yourself or your preparation. Self-doubt can lead to stress and poor performance in the exam. Make your own strategy and do not listen to others and feel intimidated. Believe in yourself and try to give your 100 % in the exam.

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