How to Prepare for MPPSC without any Coaching Classes

Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Examination commonly known as MPPSC is conducted by Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. It is considered as one of the most difficult examinations and right preparation is most essential to reach the destination. Therefore, while preparing for this challenging exam, many students face a common question as to whether one should be involved in coaching classes or not? Undoubtedly coaching classes can certainly help but success in exams can only be achieved through hard work and determination.

Therefore, if you have decided to study for the exam without coaching, it is extremely important that you have a proper exam preparation strategy. To crack the state civil service exam, you need to be studious and intelligent. During the preparation process, try to improve your knowledge of important topics, learn to manage your time and communication skills and you must know the do’s and don’ts.

Once, you will be decided and ready to dedicate yourself to work, you will be unfaltering at any cost. Here, we have come up with some important tips for you, which will help you in preparing for MPPSC exam without joining coaching.

Analyze the syllabus of MPPSC and opt for correct study material

First and the foremost thing is to get a proper idea of ​​MPPSC syllabus for Preliminary and Main Examination. The MPPSC offers a wide range of syllabus for the State Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examination. It is necessary for the preparation of the exam to first go through the syllabus of the examination and then gather the right study material specifically the previous year solved question papers for better understanding of exam demand. Once you understand the exam pattern, you can prepare for the examination without the help of any coaching institute.

Prepare a relevant strategy and follow it strictly with consistency

Whether you are preparing for MP State Civil Services Examination with coaching or without coaching, you must need a proper strategy to follow. Having a solid study plan is of paramount importance as it will help you cover the vast syllabus in the given time before the exam. For a well prepared study plan you should start your preparation at least a year in advance. This will give you enough time to focus on difficult topics, learn important topics in the syllabus and revise them well.

Consistency plays a crucial role while preparing for MPPSC or other state or central civil services examination. Covering a vast syllabus is the biggest challenge in front of you and if you are not consistent in your preparation then you will lost the battle in the Warfield in this continuously increasing era  of competition.

Solve previous year question papers

Before starting your Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Examination, it is important that you solve previous year’s question papers. By solving previous year’s MPPSC question papers, you can get a good idea about the nature of questions asked in the exam. In addition, you will learn how to solve difficult questions in quick time. Therefore, by solving 5 to 10 question papers of previous year, you can better plan your exam preparation and demonstrate your ability in the state exam.

Read Newspapers daily

Current Affairs is an important part of the MP State Civil Services Examination syllabus. A large number of questions in the pre and main exam are asked from the world of politics, economics, legal events and sports. Therefore, to increase your current affairs knowledge, you should make sure to read the newspaper every day. Current affairs also help in making your answer writing ability more effective as it become more relevant to the current scenario and influence the reader much more and make your answer different and implicit.

To have a deeper understanding of news topics, you should also follow important news topics, debates and analysis. Also, develop a habit of making short notes of important news topics. This will help you to revise important news and current affairs in a quick time before your exam day.

Note – Being an aspirant for civil service examination you should be aware towards your surroundings. We can learn the syllabus from books but not the attributes and traits of an officer. After selection you have to face several challenges, dilemmas and sometimes provocation of people in handling the issues. As an civil servant you have to balance with government and community both. Hence awareness and active participation in different matters of national interest can make you more capable to resolve any matter and your confidence building for interview after clearing mains examination.

Make Short Notes for each topic

The mains syllabus of MPPSC examination is very large and requires extensive preparation. Therefore, by preparing short notes of important general study subjects, you can easily revise the subjects at regular intervals.

Also self-notes are easy to understand and revise during the examination as in your short notes you can add the essence of several sources viz. books, online videos and also your own view points in order to make it more effective and flawless. So try to express it in your own language as much as possible but in a proper writing manner as demanded in exam so that it makes you perfect for the main examination. You can add flowcharts, diagrams and maps to enrich your notes.

Take Online Courses and Mock Tests

In this digital era, where almost all possible information is available on the web, any hardworking aspirant can crack the MPPSC exam without coaching. For this purpose, you can take help of online exam preparation platforms, most of which are free of cost. By enrolling for the online MPPSC course, you can use the MPPSC study material to boost your exam preparation. Apart from this, you can also watch YouTube videos for MPPSC preparation in a cost effective way. There are more than enough video lectures of each and every subject experts who can guide as well teach you a lot in a short span of time.

Realistic Goals and Subgoals

Look at the MPPSC exam syllabus in full and set a realistic goal to cover the entire syllabus. To achieve the main objective, define sub-goals. Classify the syllabus in small proportions and set a timeline for the preparation of each subject. Challenge yourself daily and try to accomplish sub-goals ahead of time. In this way you will be able to complete the course ahead of time and you will get enough time for revision.

Periodically evaluate your preparation

Along with preparing for the State Service Examination, it is important that you regularly analyze your exam preparation. To analyze your performance, you can directly practice online mock test for pre and main exams. Solving mock tests will help you to check your exam preparation level in a competitive environment. Depending on your performance in online tests, you can better analyze your weaknesses and strengths, work on them and get better with each test.

Now you can decide well whether you are going to prepare on your own or not!!

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