How To Prepare For Your CBSE Board Exams


CBSE Board exams are considered to be milestones in a student’s academic life. CBSE students usually appear for Board exams twice; once in Class 10 and then, in class 12. Students strive hard in order to get a good percentage in these exams since the grades help them in future academic endeavours as well. In order to score well in your CBSE Board exams, you need a well-structured routine, to be followed to the best of your capabilities. Here is a simple yet useful set of tips that will help you accelerate your CBSE Board exam preparation and also rid you of the stress that accompanies approaching exams.

1. A regulated timetable

Exam preparation becomes easier with the help of a well-defined study schedule. Time yourself, make time slots for different subjects and topics within these subjects, and you will have conquered the anxiety attacks that are a common occurrence for students before exams. Also, make sure you do not overburden yourself with the timetable. Give yourself enough time to breathe and relax too. Overworking yourself may have adverse effects like exhaustion and loss of interest in preparation, which can be hazardous for students before exams!

2. Write and practise all that you read and learn

You get the chance to revise doubly when you practise in written form. Hence, every time you sit down to revise theory chapters, write down main points and phrases that help you remember them better. For subjects like Hindi and English, you should practise writing long answer-type questions.

3. Use additional practice material

Practising with the help of CBSE sample papers and CBSE Board papers from previous years will give you a better idea of the kind of questions you should expect. Also, it gets you comfortable with the pattern of the question paper, so you can increase the speed with which you complete your exam.

4. Go online for more preparation material

Today, you can avail a huge variety of study material for CBSE Board exams on the internet. Ranging from online tests to CBSE sample papers and other practice material, you can source everything you want, in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

5. Remain focussed and stay away from distractions

In today’s age where there are hundred distractions available for students, it may easy for you to lose track of your goals and become too relaxed for your own good. It is important for you to steer clear of such distractions, and remain focussed on your exam schedule. The trick is not to study all the time, but to study smart.


Source by Anil MN

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