How To Protect Your Internet Freedom In Canada


When you think about Internet restrictions, Canada certainly isn’t the first country that crosses your mind. If you are like most people, you will probably think about North Korea, China and similar countries. While it’s true that Canada does enjoy a great amount of Internet freedom, the truth is that things could be a lot better. Canadians are definitely concerned about a certain amount of censorship, especially when it comes to political content. Click this to learn more about that.

Internet Freedom In Canada

Political censorship is certainly not the only thing Canadians need to keep in mind when it comes to Internet freedom. Mass online surveillance and certain outdated privacy laws are also a reason for concern. All of this means that Canadians can pretty easily fall prey to the cybercriminal, especially when using public Wi-Fi connections, which is certainly not something to be taken for granted.

Then, there is also the question of certain geo-blocked services that people in Canada cannot access. Sure, this might not be the most significant thing of them all, but it certainly does impact Internet freedom. I’m talking about the fact that Canadians cannot access US Netflix, Hulu and similar streaming platforms.

That might not threaten your security, but it definitely restricts your Internet freedom if you find yourself in Canada, or if you are living there. There’s something about being able to access all content on Netflix, isn’t it? After all, we all like to have more options when it comes to the content we want to watch and it certainly feels unfair that we need to give up certain shows just because we aren’t in the USA. Learn more about Internet restrictions in Canada.

On a more positive note, this can all be solved with just a little bit of effort. Yes, you have heard me right. You have the option to say goodbye to all the restrictions while also making sure that you are staying completely safe and protected while browsing online. The best part is, you can kill both of these birds with one stone and it’s about time you learned how.

Try A Virtual Private Network

Have you heard of virtual private networks yet? You might be more familiar with the term VPN, which is simply an abbreviation for the aforementioned. In case you haven’t heard about these services yet, it’s high time you learned more about what those are and how they can be of help to you. After all, if you are looking to increase your Internet freedom in Canada, VPNs are the right path to take.

To put things simply, virtual private networks are like your very own private tunnels through which you can access everything you want without worrying about any third parties and prying eyes spying on you, collecting your data or simply watching what it is that you are doing online. I’m sure I couldn’t have made things clearer, right? Yet, it would be a good idea to take a more detailed look into how these services can actually increase your Internet freedom in Canada.

How VPNs Protect Internet Freedom In Canada

As I have already mentioned above, certain privacy laws in Canada are severely outdated, meaning that your online privacy isn’t exactly guaranteed in the country. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are extremely exposed to all kinds of threats, since the country certainly takes some measures towards keeping you safe. Yet, the truth is that you should do your best to stay as safe as possible regardless of the measures taken by the country.

Basically, by starting to use one of these VPNs or any high-quality VPN service you find, you will be able to hide your IP address, among other things, and thus extremely increase your online privacy and security. If you remember what I have been saying, a virtual private network is like your very own tunnel through which you can browse the Internet without any prying eyes, which is actually what increases your privacy. When your privacy and security are increased, so is your Internet freedom and I suppose there’s no need to emphasize that.

That, however, isn’t the only reason why Canadians would enjoy much more Internet freedom if they started using VPNs. I have already briefly touched upon the subject of restricted content. This goes both for certain political censorship that Canadians are complaining about, as well as about the entertainment content that can be streamed on platforms such as US Netflix and similar.

In case you weren’t aware of this, the Netflix content that is available in Canada isn’t the same as the content available in the USA. To be more precise, people in the USA can definitely watch a lot more content than those in Canada and that can feel a bit unfair to some people in this country. Yet, there is an easy way to solve the problem, so if you are one of those people who think this is unfair, you should definitely start using the solution I have to offer.

I assume you might have already guessed which solution I am talking about, but let us be perfectly clear here. I’m talking about virtual private networks. In addition to being able to hide your IP address with VPN services, you can actually change that IP address, which allows you to make it appear as if you were located in a different place than you actually are. Why is this helpful, though?

Well, simply put, you can find a US server to connect to with the help of the VPN you start using and thus make it appear as if you were located somewhere in the USA. That way, you will be able to easily access all the content on Netflix and other streaming platforms, without bumping into any restrictions whatsoever. I suppose you now understand exactly how VPNs can increase Internet freedom in Canada, meaning that there’s only one thing left to do. In short, you need to find the perfect VPN provider.

How To Find The Right Provider

Now, you need to understand there are quite a lot of virtual network providers out there and that you will have to be rather careful when choosing the right provider for you, in order to be sure that the services you provide will work perfectly towards protecting your privacy and getting rid of those restrictions. Make sure to do your research on specific providers before choosing the right one. Check the quality and the speed of the VPN, check the reputation of the provider and then compare the findings in order to ultimately choose the perfect provider.


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