Ever since Osama Bin Laden’s assassination, the western media has been questioning why Pakistanis refuse to just accept the reality and consider in wild conspiracy theories. As one significantly scathing article places it, “That is the salve that now comforts thousands and thousands of Pakistanis at a time of basic disaster. They select the magical world of conspiracy.” As an expatriate Pakistani, I’ve additionally been requested by confused Britons, Arabs and Indians: “Why do not you guys admit that issues are uncontrolled? Why is the whole lot that goes improper in Pakistan all the time a CIA conspiracy?”.

Let me clarify.

Within the 1980s, each 5 12 months previous in Pakistan wished to develop into a commando or a pilot. No person wished to develop into an accountant or an architect or a civil engineer. Ever marvel why? I will let you know why.

It is as a result of the military was superior.

Considered one of my earliest reminiscences was waking up early within the morning on sixth September to observe the Protection Day Parade on TV. It was wonderful. There have been planes, commandos and missiles: the whole lot that makes up the fantasy toy world of a younger boy. As we watched the tanks roll by, my mother informed me that sixth September is widely known to commemorate the valiant defence of the nation towards an Indian assault in 1965. The Pakistan Research e-book in class later taught me that India attacked Lahore within the lifeless of the evening, with none provocation or formal declaration of conflict. It as a “cowardly assault” it was absurd how an Indian Common wished to have dinner at Lahore Gymkhana the following day. We gained the conflict and brought about main losses to the Indian navy machine. Maj. Shaheed Aziz Bhatti was my hero.

The subsequent chapter talked about 1971. We realized that India created a terrorist group known as the “Makti Bahni”, which terrorized the inhabitants in Bangladesh. Whereas a large conspiracy engineered by the Indians misled the East Pakistan inhabitants and ultimately led to partition, our military nonetheless gained the conflict and the Indian military was left licking its wounds. Shaheed Rashid Minhas was the hero this time.

College books informed us that India by no means accepted the creation of Pakistan and their military would invade Pakistan the primary probability they obtained; we might then be pressured to steer horrible lives, identical to Muslims in India lived a lifetime of servitude and backwardness.

We have been awed by the military. We have been indebted to the military. They have been, in any case, the defenders of Pakistan. The military was superior.

A profession within the military was a dream. No matter financial background, if a younger synthetic it into the Pakistan Military as an officer, it was assured that he would have a pleasant home, an honest automobile and entry to the distinguished Providers Membership. His kids would research in good faculties and he can be eligible for reductions on the whole lot from grocery to airline tickets. By no means once more would the police harass him and petty burglars would suppose twice earlier than making an attempt to interrupt into his home within the navy Cantonment. He would get to play golf and polo. A profession within the military meant a lifetime of stability, respect and safety. When he retired, he would find yourself with a few plots of land in prime neighborhoods, permitting him to develop previous in peace. Every time it got here up that the perks loved by military officers have been extreme, the dialog can be dismissed by saying, “Come on yaar, they spend their profession risking their life for the nation, the least we are able to do is allow them to retire in consolation.”

Through the years, we realized that the whole lot that was good, pure and dependable within the nation was related to the military. All authorities departments – the whole lot from the police to utility corporations to the nationwide freeway authority – have been corrupt. The military was not. The state infrastructure was inefficient and lazy, whereas the military was disciplined and environment friendly. Policemen on the street have been chubby, unshaven, and unkempt – they traveled in banged up pickups. Troopers, then again, have been lean, effectively groomed and neatly dressed. They drove round in Land Cruisers and large shiny military vans. Military officers wore Ray Bans. Women dreamed of getting married to dashing younger lieutenants. The military was superior.

Every thing the military did was of high notch high quality, higher than anybody else. In the event that they constructed a neighborhood, it was effectively deliberate and effectively maintained. In the event that they constructed a street, it had correct drainage and would last more than any street constructed by the federal government. Throughout the 90s, scenes of troopers rescuing folks from ravaging floods and patrolling the troubled streets of Karachi have been portrayed day by day within the Khabarnama (day by day new bulletin on state TV) and are engraved within the nation’s reminiscence. The military was an emblem of righteousness in a society riddled with corruption and nepotism.

The military was additionally clearly profitable within the pursuit of Pakistan’s strategic pursuits. Along with the keeping off the Indians, the military had now additionally saved us from the wrath of the Soviet juggernaut. The creation of the Taliban and a pro-Pakistan authorities was successful in our effort to attain “strategic depth” in Afghanistan. We had a extremely expert, extraordinarily highly effective and lethal environment friendly navy. We have been a nuclear armed nation which basked within the glory of our navy power – we have been the world’s strongest defenders of Islam. Allah-o-Akbar.

The nation was enamored by the military. As a substitute of protesting, we breathed a sigh of aid every time the military threw politicians out and took over management of the nation. The military was right here, which meant that we may return to what the military stood for: safety, stability and high quality. It was agreed {that a} nation as loopy as Pakistan can solely be ruled by the sturdy arm of the military. Thank God for the military. The military was superior!

Then the 21st century occurred and issues began going improper. Info that was locked up in books that no person learn was out of the blue accessible on TV and in folks’s e mail packing containers. Web articles informed us that Pakistan began the 1965 conflict on fifth August by sending troopers into Kashmir (and that the sixth Sep assault from India was a retaliation). Wikipedia confirmed us a information merchandise from the LA Instances that referred to our beloved Gen. Tikka Khan (the martial regulation administrator for East Pakistan) as “The Butcher of Bengal”. Googling “Operation Searchlight” gave gory particulars of the mass atrocities dedicated by the Pakistan military in Bangladesh throughout 1971, together with mass homicide and rape. The media began complaining about how 80% of our funds was consumed by the military with no accountability to the general public. Journalists wrote overtly about how Gen. Zia manipulated the judicial course of to hold Z.A. Bhutto, left the nation with the notorious Hudood Ordinance and a Kalashnikov tradition. Investigative journalists unearthed proof that the ISI was concerned within the rigging of elections to maintain Benazir Bhutto out of energy. Musharraf was blamed in 2001 for unexpectedly leaping into mattress with the US after 9/11. Books have been written on the multi-billion greenback companies owned by the military. Bomb blasts began taking place. Was the military nonetheless superior?

Quick ahead 35,000 lifeless Pakistanis later to 2011. The Pakistani nation finds itself in a scenario the place Swat has been taken over for a number of days by Taliban. For a quick second of brilliance, the GHQ has been overrun by terrorists. Osama bin Laden has been discovered and killed by a covert US raid which our airforce could not detect. The airforce has admitted that the UAE truly controls an airbase in Balochistan. The ISI exhibited a large intelligence failure on OBL’s existence in Abottabad. Wikileaks has confirmed that our high Common secretly requested for drone strikes and lied in public. Final however not least, one in every of our largest naval installations (PNS Mehran) has been held taken over by 5 terrorists and it took lots of of commandos 16 hours to regain management. The media, emboldened and angered, began highlighting the entire lack of accountability of the military on a spread of failures together with the 1971 debacle, Bhutto’s hanging, Ojhri Camp, Kargil, Purple Mosque, Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, PNS Mehran and GHQ assaults.

Immediately, 180 million individuals are pressured to return to phrases with the chance that their armed forces may not be as superior as they thought. The incidents suggest that the military is ineffective, incapable and inefficient. The military is just not infallible and isn’t high notch. In a world the place the military is the one factor in Pakistan that’s dependable and true, this can be a basic shock to the nation’s worth system.

Jokes ridiculing the flexibility of the armed forces are going viral on the web – peoples’ statuses on Fb are anti military like by no means earlier than. Immediately, the military is just not superior anymore.

Denial is a pure response when the whole lot that you just believed in is out of the blue taken away from you. That is why most Pakistanis want to cover within the security of a conspiracy principle. It is a plan by the CIA to malign our armed forces and take over our nuclear property. Possibly it is an effort by RAW to harm our protection capabilities. The truth is, it is most likely an evil scheme by Mossad to destroy the world’s strongest Muslim military. Any conspiracy is healthier than having to face the grim actuality that the Pakistan military may, simply may, suck.

It is by no means us, it is them. The military doesn’t suck… the military remains to be superior.


Source by Nzaar Ihsan


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