ITEC Exam – Tips on How to Pass

Regardless of what ITEC subject you are studying the exams can be quite a worrying and stressful time for any student. Exam preparation is therefore essential.

I have been teaching ITEC for a number of years and as a result I can offer the following tips on how to pass your exams;

1. Read each question very carefully before answering. This might sound obvious to you but you’d be amazed at the number of students that overlook something on a question. A typical example of this:

Question: Which one of the following is not a function of the Skeletal System?

The “not” is often not seen by students especially if they are stressed and in a panic. Always read the question a couple of times.

2. Because the format of the exam paper is multiple choice questions, these are the type of questions that you should use when revising. Purchase a study guide that has a large set of revision questions and use them consistently throughout your studies to test yourself.

3. Make sure your study guide contains puzzles. Based on my teaching experience completing crossword puzzles is an excellent way for students to retain information. They are designed to be completed over and over again until the student feels confident enough not to look at their notes.

Take plenty of deep breaths before you enter the exam and try not to get yourself in a state. Keep calm and focused. If you follow the above 3 tips passing your ITEC exam may not be as difficult as you think!

Preparing for ITEC exams can be a very daunting experience for any student. With the majority of subjects in ITEC, you have to complete a practical exam as well as sit your theory papers and complete a series of case studies. Completing a large amount of work like this unfortunately means that there may not be adequate study time left to fully prepare for ITEC exams. It is therefore extremely important that you have the relevant study guides to carry out a successful revision plan.

The Layout of Your ITEC Exams

ITEC exams consist of a theory paper with 50 questions. Multiple choice questions are used on all of the papers, with each question offering 4 possible solutions. The pass rate is 60% so you need to get a minimum of 30 questions right just to pass. If you were looking to get a credit or a distinction then you really need to put the work in. If you were aiming to get a distinction then you would have to get 45 or more correct answers! In the grand scheme of things 50 questions doesn’t seem like a lot, after the amount of work you had to learn. But the issue with multiple choice is the fact that there is no room for error with the answers, you can only choose one and it must be correct.

The Most Effective Way To Prepare For ITEC Exams

Before you start to prepare for your ITEC exams, you will need to have all of the following;

1. A revision plan
2. A large range of multiple choice questions and answers
3. Quizzes and puzzles that you can complete
4. Record cards

Your revision plan should be organised and structured from the very beginning. It must be in writing, type it up, print it out and stick it up on your wall in front of your desk or anywhere that you can see it . The following columns should be included in the plan;

1. Subject area to be revised
2. Start date
3. End date

Once you have this done you will be aware of exactly what needs to be learned. You can track your progress throughout the year by ticking off the areas that you have completed. This type of structured revision plan will enable you to stay focused while preparing for your ITEC exams.

What Study Guides To Use For Your ITEC Exams

Revision plans cannot be successful if you do not have the right revision guides. Because ITEC exams include multiple choice questions these are the type of questions to use when revising. Having a set of quizzes and puzzles relevant to the subject you are studying is also recommend. These are a great way to get the brain working and to test what you have learned in class.

Beauty and holistic students use a selection of revision guides when preparing for their exams. These study guides contain a wealth of quizzes and puzzles including multiple choice questions, short answer quizzes, crossword and word search puzzles, fill in the blanks and true or false quizzes. The quizzes can also be completed online which is an amazing feature. These are the type of revision resources that you should be using.

Successful Marks In Your ITEC Exams

Once you have your revision plan done and you have the relevant study guides, it is now time to start your exam preparation. I have outlined a popular 3 step approach below that I would recommend you follow. This plan has proven to be very successful for students.

1. Pick a subject area on your revision plan and gather 20 multiple choice questions that are relevant to this area. Using the record cards that I mentioned at the beginning of the article, write each of the questions out on these cards. You are going to learn these questions in the allocated time specified on your revision plan. The best way to do this is to keep the record cards in your bag so you can take them out and learn them throughout your day. You may think you don’t have time to do this but you’d be amazed at how much spare study time you can find during your day, for example, you can take out your record cards during your commute to and from work, if you are stuck in a queue or if you are on your lunch break. Always remember to follow the same question format as your ITEC exams i.e. multiple choice questions.

2. Complete regular quizzes and puzzles. This is a great way to prepare for ITEC exams and to assess what you have already learned with the multiple choice questions. The great thing about quizzes and puzzles is that they can be repeated dozens of times, giving you plenty of opportunity to practice. Online tutorials are a definite must have for students. These are designed to be completed on your computer, laptop or Ipad. The best thing is you can just press the Start Again button, which will delete your previous attempt so you can practice again from the very beginning. The best time to do this is the evening time, when you have studied all your multiple choice questions for the day.

3. Follow Step 1 and 2 from Monday through Friday and then give yourself an exam at the weekend on everything you have learned that week. Your exam should consist of a minimum of 50 questions, keeping the same format as the ITEC exams. Please do not refer to your course notes when you are doing this exam. When you are finished, mark the exam honestly, this will give you a great idea as to what areas you are confident in and what areas need more study. It is a good idea to keep all those exams so you can see your progression throughout the year.

Following this system not only fully prepares you for your ITEC exams but it also prepares you for the layout of your exam papers. When students first start their course, no matter what subject it is, they always feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and study that needs to be done but by following this simple method, preparation for the ITEC exams can become a less daunting task

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