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You’ve spent many sleepless nights preparing for the MCAT exam. All the while, a debate has been going on about MCAT study prep. As a test taker, the result of this debate will have a great effect on your preparation.

On one side, there are MCAT test experts who say that testing intuition is a powerful weapon in facing the MCAT exam. Testing intuition is the unusual feeling you get when you’re confident you chose the correct answer.

At the opposing end of the spectrum, you’ve got the non-believers. They’re also MCAT test experts in their own right. However, they don’t believe that testing intuition will help you pass the MCAT exam. In fact, they think it’s a waste of time to develop it during your MCAT study preparation. They argue that if you’ll rely on your testing intuition, you’re bound to make mistakes. This is because they believe that it isn’t fail-proof. They even argue that with it, you’ll easily fall for tricky MCAT questions.

So who’s right between these two groups? It’s important for you to know whose side is right. It’ll help you have a better MCAT study prep. If testing intuition really does benefit you, then try to develop it during your MCAT study.

The MCAT Case For Each Side

Both sides actually have valid points. Consider them to help you decide which side you will be on for your MCAT study prep.

    • Testing intuition is also referred to as “guesstimating”. It’s a play on the words guess and estimating. MCAT test experts believe it’s a way for our subconscious knowledge to lead us to select the correct answer.
  • A growing number of MCAT test experts counter the benefits of testing intuition. They’ve pointed to research as evidence that testing instinct often lead you to selecting the wrong choice. They also pointed out the way the test questions are designed. The test makers know you’ll more likely to go with your instincts. Hence, the questions are designed to take advantage of this. You’ll surely get fooled into selecting the wrong answer if you trust your intuition.

You’ve now seen the arguments of each side. Are you skeptical of the testing intuition? Or do you believe it’s worth developing in your MCAT study?

Fine-Tuning Your MCAT Practice Instinct

There’s an important conclusion to this debate, regardless of which side do you believe in. Testing intuition must be used with utmost caution. While it may lead you to the right answer, it could also lead you to the wrong one. Developing your testing intuition during your MCAT study prep is fine. However, don’t rely too much on this to get you a passing score in your MCAT test.

It’s also important for you to know if your intuition is really at play. Sometimes, it’s not really your intuition. Rather, it’s your reaction to the testing trap set by the test makers. You’re sometimes led to have a false gut feeling on the correct answer. You can learn how to avoid testing traps during your MCAT study prep. If you know how to avoid testing traps like this, you’ll stand a better chance of passing the test.

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