MPPSC Preparation Tips | Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) 2021

Some Important MPPSC Preparation Tips 

Here I am going to share with you some basic tips for the preparation of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission ( MPPSC)

Before reading any of the standard books, go through the syllabus of MPPSC. At first, understand the syllabus properly, just go through it. Try to understand what are topics come under the whole syllabus of MPPSC.

when you are done with reading the syllabus go through the previous year’s question papers try to analyze them or if you are not able to do so just read it once.

  • NCERT books

                                 If you are not good at any subject start your preparation from the scratch. I am trying to say that start from the NCERT of each & every subject will assist you in making your foundation strong. After that, you can refer to the standard books.

  • Make a proper strategy

                                     After done with the syllabus make a proper plan. Make sure your strategy should be realistic. If you make your strategy stick to it, just stick.

  • Note Making-

To make notes use A4 size sheets so that they will be handy and easy to revise, make your notes crisp & clear. Make separate notes of every subject. Try to prepare notes on every topic.

  • Newspaper reading

                                 From an aspirant’s point of view, newspaper reading plays a crucial role in the preparation for any competitive exam. Newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, local newspapers of Madhya Pradesh .you have to focus on that.

  • Writing Practice

                             To practice writing answers must be an essential component of your preparation strategy. This should be initiated right from the very first day. Do not think that your first answer which you write should be perfect …it takes time. Be patient and do writing practice as much as you can it will get better day by day.

  • Self-analysis

                           After you read a topic analyze previous your question papers if you can attend that question that is good but if it is not so that means you have to improve more you do not have clarity on that topic so analyze yourself. In simple words just cross-check it.

  • Mock tests

 In preparation for MPPSC or any competitive exam mock test plays a key role it will help you in time management as well as will help you in increasing your speed, in analyzing your answers. you can also take help from the answer-sheets of toppers it will give you an idea that in which way the topper writes their answers.

  • Time management

                            Last but not the least, time management is a key to success. Make sure you will invest your time in the right way.

So these are the tips to prepare for MPPSC. Hope it will help you in your preparation.

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