Preparation Tips for NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam

Preparation Tips for NISM Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam nism preparation tips

NISM-Series-V A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination is one of the important exams, conducted by NISM (National Institute of Securities Market). It’s very helpful module for the peoples, those are willing to work in the field of mutual funds. The aim of this certification is to enhance the quality of sales, distribution and related support services in the mutual fund industry.

To clear NISM Series V A: M. F. D. Certification Exam, candidate should have knowledge of following things: financial market pass nism

  1. Concept and role : Before attempting NISM V-A Certification Exam, you should have a clear picture of MF in your mind. In other words, we can say that how it works. So just try to know the concept and role model of a mutual fund. In this section, you have to learn lot of things like Advantages and limitations of a mutual fund, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Investment objectives, Fund running expenses and some of the others.
  2. Fund Structure and Constituents: In this, you need to learn the things about the Structure of MF in India and related regulations, Role of the sponsor and Role of other fund constituents and related regulations.
  3. Legal and Regulatory Environment: Know the Role and functions of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) in regulating MF and take a look on investment restrictions and related regulations.

There are some other important sections in this module as: Offer Document, Fund Distribution and Sales Practices, Accounting, Valuation and Taxation, Investor Services, Risk, Return and Performance of Funds, Scheme Selection, Selecting the Right Investment products for Investors, Helping Investors with Financial Planning and Recommending Model Portfolios and Financial Plans.

Before attempting NISM Series V A Certification exam, you should have knowledge of above listed things. Now collect relevant information from your books or try to find out the things online.

In modern age, it’s very easy to find out any of the informations online easily and quickly. You may also collect some information from the site of NISM.

So learning all of the above listed things will help you in clearing NISM-Series-V A: M. F. D. Certification Examination easily with high marks.

Other thing, you can find out the model paper of NISM series-V-A online for preparation. Take a mock test or practice test online for the module of NISM Series V A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Exam. Now you can also test yourself by giving NISM series V A mock test online.

People may get confused when it can be the best NISM VA Preparation Tips? They keep scrolling the internet and gets nothing. In this article, we will study about NISM VA Preparation Tips.

The NISM Series V A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification (English) Exam is a mandatory exam for those persons who wish to get registered with AMFI for starting their own Mutual Fund Distribution business.

It is also very useful and sometimes a pre-requisite for employees of Banks, Stock Broking Companies, MF distribution companies, etc.

21 examinations include under NISM exams and are mandated based on various regulatory provisions.

Once you enrol for the examination on the NISM website, you are provided with a workbook, which has the complete syllabus and related material. The workbook is quite complete and adequately covers the entire syllabus.

Preparation would depend on the examination you want to take and on the educational and professional background of the student. Examinations like a mutual fund, securities operations, and depository operations are easier and require a thorough revision of the workbook and preparation with a question bank.

Examinations like NISM Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives are tougher and require an in-depth understanding of concepts around derivatives. As suggested in some other answers, this knowledge can be obtained through youtube or online courses offered by different websites.

For students who are taking examinations like Investment Adviser Level 1 and Investment Adviser Level 2, I would recommend that the student have prior knowledge and should have cleared the mutual fund distributor or equity derivatives examination. There are a certain number of questions that come in both these tests that are not covered in the prescribed workbooks.

About the Certification Examination for Mutual Fund Distributors

The examination seeks to create a common minimum knowledge benchmark for all persons

involved in selling and distributing mutual funds including: nism certification exams

  • Individual Mutual Fund Distributors
  •  Employees of organizations engaged in sales and distribution of Mutual Funds
  •  Employees of Asset Management Companies especially persons engaged in sales and distribution of Mutual Funds

The certification aims to enhance the quality of sales, distribution and related support services in the mutual fund industry.

NISM VA Examination Objectives

On successful completion of the examination, the candidate should:

  •  Know the basics of mutual funds, their role, and structure, different kinds of mutual fund schemes and their features.
  • Understand how mutual funds are distributed in the market-place, how schemes are to be evaluated, and how suitable products and services can be recommended to investors and prospective investors in the market.
  •  Get oriented to the legalities, accounting, valuation, and taxation aspects underlying mutual funds and their distribution.
  • Get acquainted with financial planning as an approach to investing in mutual funds, and aid for advisors to develop long term relationships with their clients.

NISM VA Preparation Tips and tricks to qualify exams in the first attempt

The very first thing that candidates should keep in their minds is following the right practice material for exam preparation. Your exam preparations totally depend upon the study material that you have referred for practising.

After getting the right practice kit, make sure you prepare each topic separately because learning or practising different concepts will not only make you confused but also it will intermix the things, like formulas. With stepwise study, each concept will get clearer and you will be able to understand the questions more appropriately.

Before you are ho (used especially to attract attention to something specified) for the actual exam, experts recommend giving a mock test first. This test looks similar to the actual NISM exam and the questions are asked in the same format so that your preparation level can be assessed authentically. Giving a mock test will bump off your exam phobia and you will be more confident for giving real NISM exam.

Don’t keep staring at just one question, as it will eat your needful time which is required for the questions that you might answer accurately. Leave the difficult questions for the last minutes and concentrate more on other questions. Also, there is negative marking for each question you answer wrong so, be careful. And, experts say the first choice is mostly the right choice so don’t get confused by changing answers over and again.

Be confident while giving an exam but don’t let it ponder upon you. Overconfidence can kill your understanding level and you might end up doing mess with your NISM exam.

Before submitting your exam it is advisable to follow NISM VA Preparation Tips and read it thoroughly at least two or three times.

By following all these tips, you can prepare for your exam more efficiently and pass it in your first attempt. And, for a reliable practice material kit, you can contact pass4sure (the online practice question bank), support team. The practice material kit by pass4sure comes with a NISM mock test online and a solution guide.

The test is designed by the highly experienced team that works behind this practice question bank. You can also take NISM mock test online demo on the official website of pass4sure to get an idea about it. For different NISM modules, the practice question bank has different study material kits prepared by experts. For any additional details, you can seek assistance from the support desk of pass4sure. The expert team is always ready to guide you for all your queries regarding NISM exams, BSE exams, and NCFM exam nism certification examinations

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