One in all my associates, who not too long ago advised his dad that he loves a lady and desires to get married to her needed to face his dad’s wrath. WHY?

As a result of she didn’t belong to his caste!!!


Oh and get this!! His dad is a senior supervisor in a significant MNC, properly educated with a few main levels, incomes 1000’s of {dollars} each month.. When my good friend requested why was caste a difficulty his dad replied “now if you happen to marry a lady from one other caste how can I present my face in our neighborhood?”


Two issues I wish to say to that dad:

1) Your face is your arse anyhow, so do not hassle exhibiting it.

2) The place did your schooling go? What about your sixth commonplace lesson in Social research which taught you Caste is a social evil?

The above episode had me fascinated by the state of affairs in India and caste system on the entire. If you understand concerning the caste system learn this text as I wish to share with you a way of combating this evil. If you do not know about it, please learn this text as properly it will maintain you away from the evil system and assist educate others.


It is a social evil, born to divide human beings. The system which has come down from ages inflicting nothing however hurt to human beings. How did this technique start? Why do folks nonetheless comply with it? How can one combat this? These are a few of the questions which should be requested

India is a good land, a land crammed with probably the most educated individuals who have attained full enlightenment and there are additionally individuals who nonetheless imagine in caste, rituals, ceremonies and so forth.


The idea of caste is coming down from ages. Historical India was blessed with many students and saints. Students who studied the world outdoors and the world inside (nature of the human thoughts). These students by way of meditation and focus, understood their very own minds and understood some fundamental realities of the legal guidelines of nature and the human psyche. In historical India, this was the schooling which was taught from trainer to pupil and this custom handed on for a few years.

What the traditional saints found have been that there have been 4 sorts of people that existed on this world. This categorization was based mostly on how human beings had completely different mindsets and the way that may place them within the social order. The caste system was nothing however a categorization of the social order in society. Primarily based on this understanding human beings have been categorized ( Not divided ). Listed below are the 4 kinds of human beings

1) Brahmin: A brahmin is a discovered man, who’s properly versed with the data and knowledge of life. The folks studied the traditional scriptures just like the Vedas after which handed this information on to the others. The brahmins engaged in achieving the best non secular data.

2) Kshatriyas: A Kshatriya is somebody who defends the land and the dominion. These have been individuals who took up soldier jobs within the olden days. These folks have been warriors who protected society.

3) Vaishyas: These have been the enterprise class. cattle raring, buying and selling of products and companies and so forth. Commerce and commerce have been dealt with by this class largely.

4) Shudras: Shudras are service suppliers. Plumbers, mechanics and so forth. These folks largely do the every day jobs of labor. The folks on this class should job of serving the above three classes.

That is the caste system, the categorization of human beings based mostly on social order. Even in at present’s society you may classify any human being collaborating in a social order into any one in every of these 4 courses.


This idea of the caste system quickly turned distorted when the system was related to start and never the occupation of a person. Now a brahmin’s son turned a brahmin no matter his knowledge. A Vaishyas son turned Vaishya even when he was wiser than anybody else on this world.

Including to this, the differentiation was intensified when folks began to create an area for themselves and commenced treating themselves to be far more privileged than the opposite courses. They did this to realize standing in society and safeguard their place in society. The Brahmins declared full proper to the Vedas (historical scriptures imagined to include divine data) and ensured that solely a brahmin would have entry to them and never the others. Additionally they thought-about the start of a human being within the brahmin clan to be a noble one and that of a Shudra to be a low one.

Quickly, the thought of deeds deciding the category of people was forgotten and start deciding the category turned a actuality. That is how a easy clarification of the social order turned evil. Now your job/occupation was determined by start and never by your deeds. A shudra was not allowed to take up actions associated to studying, or defending or commerce. Differentiation started and now society began to separate.


India at present continues to be ailing from this illness, referred to as the caste system. I need to add that although not as dangerous as within the historical days, India nonetheless suffers from this. Numerous folks like Swami Vivekananda (cool dude, examine him), Mahatma Gandhi and so forth have fought it’s going to all their would possibly, the evil nonetheless fails to die down. Even at present, marriages are organized based mostly on Caste, one can solely get married to somebody belonging to his personal caste. One will vote for a candidate simply because he belongs to his personal caste. Probably the most disturbing facet of that is that its not simply the uneducated individuals who take part on this stupidity. Its even the educated part of the gang which is as culpable. Ex: My associates Dad

Take into consideration this when your close to or pricey one has an emergency you search for the most effective physician to deal with them, you by no means search for a health care provider out of your caste. Nicely apply this each the place in life. Differentiating a human being on caste is ridiculous.

Why really feel completely different? Human being is human being. God would not differentiate solely people do. Each human being merely is you. Born(would not matter to whom ), will ultimately die. How does caste matter on this cycle?


I’m not a kind of who wish to level the finger on the authorities to alter issues. Sure the federal government has an obligation to usher in reforms, however its the equal responsibility of each particular person to usher in the change.

Cease staying quiet when an elder in your loved ones talks bullshit about getting married to somebody belonging to your caste, as a result of he feels his ego is at stake. Cease voting for somebody simply because he belongs to your caste. Vote based mostly on eligibility. Take it heads on wherever you face it in your life.

Battle it!!! It is probably not at a macro degree, however at the least at a household degree (micro degree) you need to take up accountability and guarantee folks do away with this foolishness. After all your dad or mother or your grandpa could not prefer it. However understand that you’re standing up for a larger goal, a killing of an evil which has ruined many lives. So be agency and do not give in. After we change ourselves for good, you’ll grow to be an instance to others and they’re going to additionally take inspiration to alter for good.

Now when you firmly imagine that this evil must be killed, have numerous intercourse and move in your clever genes

Take a stand. I stand for killing this evil. Do you?


Source by Prasad Surapaneni


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