Video Marketing- The Most Sought After Marketing Technique


Video marketing is a trend that has been embraced in recent years it’ll be so for a long period of time from the appearance of it and as you will see there are a number of advertising techniques, but video marketing seals the deal and for good reason, the way videos attract the viewers is remarkable and no other type of advertising appears to have such an impact on viewers.

Video Marketing The Most Sought After Marketing Technique

To make you realize the advantages of digital marketing, here are a few video marketing facts.

  • Video marketing is used by about 85 per cent of companies to advertise their goods and services.
  • 92% of marketers say digital advertising is an integral component of their marketing campaign.
  • Upwards of 90% of individuals who use video advertising say they will intend to use it in the future.
  • About 95 per cent of video advertisers said videos aided their customers to know how specific product functions.
  • 81 per cent of advertisers have also reported that the number of times visitors spend on their platform has improved by including videos on their website.
  • 80% of video advertisers from around the world have said that videos have enabled them in boosting sales.
  • About 90% of out-of-there customers said that videos assisted them to make purchasing decisions.

These are some fantastic figures that back up the reputation of video marketing.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a big/small business or an individual content creator, you can use video marketing to your advantage if done in the right manner.

As for content creators, visuals help them dramatically increase their fan base, that can be noticed on YouTube, which is also the biggest video streaming site on the planet and the second biggest search engine.

YouTube gives you the chance to interact with your viewers but also lets you distribute your media content among them, what’s more? You now have the luxury of utilizing YouTube Analytics to correctly interpret your viewers and you can broadcast your videos live as well as ensure you perform a webcam and mic test before streaming your videos live.

And if you’re a content creator, ensure you get on track with making good content, but if you’d like to create interesting video content to reach more viewers, there will be a great deal of work you must do.

There are many types of videos that you could go on and make, and below are a few good examples.

  • “How To…” Videos
  • Tutorial videos“How To…” Videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Product unboxing videos
  • Live streams
  • Interview videos
  • Entertainment videos
  • Online gaming videos
  • Movie review videos
  • Product review videos and many more

Research is perhaps the most critical of all. Yes, research is a key aspect of video production, in fact, the research part begins before you start creating videos.

If you discover your niche and determine what sort of videos you would like to create, you have to keep researching. To do this, you need to go to YouTube and look for clips that are similar in essence to the kind of videos you want to make.

When you have the outcomes, search for the most and most-committed videos.

This will allow you to recognize what the public preferences are, try to understand what renders those videos special, use that insight and implement it to the videos you’re making.

Apart from knowing what makes these videos successful, look out for material gaps, this implies that you should keep a close eye out for any clips that may lack and specific component, and make sure you include those components in your clips, this is called “Filling content gaps,” that will enable you to look to more appealing from the get-go.

Shooting Videos

Behind research, this is the second most valuable element of the production of video content.

Almost all of you who are out there assume that only with professional equipment can you take amazing videos, but that would be a lie. There are many creators of content out there who only create awesome videos with the aid of their phones.

Yes, smartphones are amazingly equipped with high-quality cameras that can help you capture interesting videos, but of course, there are some things you should keep in mind when capturing a clip with your mobile, such as you should always record a video in “landscape mode” and never in a portrait mode, never utilize the optical zoom, but go nearer to the subject of the video instead.

Make absolutely sure that when recording the video clips you utilize good lighting, you may use natural daylight when recording outside, and if you have an indoor project, you can always use a lighting kit which you can make or purchase online.

Investing in a good quality mic, although a smartphone mic may do the job. Having an external mic definitely has its own advantages. obtaining clear and crisp audio is one of them.


You can grasp on to the idea of “video selling” with any of these suggestions in no time, if all works well, then you can commercialize your content, isn’t that awesome?

So ensure you produce useful videos that please your viewers.

Always try to understand what your viewers want to see from you, try to make changes in your videos accordingly. If your video pleases your audience, then the chances of them sharing the video in their circles is high.


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