What is real competition?| The real meaning of success.

What exactly is Competition- 

Competition, a huge word to listen that horrifies all of a sudden when we are at the pace of struggle for success. But how could you define competition in a real manner!  In a general way all of us consider this term as, to get victory over other by defeating him. But in real sense, competition acts like a mirror to realize the world scenario of advancements and the needs and requirement we need to develop inside our conscience. There is competition in each and every field of human life viz. education, business, sports, all types of skilled works. All that we need is to understand our personal traits and qualities well to groom up as per the prerequisite.

Emerging competition in Education 

Competition in education evolved from the pedagogical approach of classroom learning where a teacher tempts students to perform best in his classroom. For ex. “A candidate who obtain highest marks will be rewarded with prize.” This type of avidity generates competition among the students to perform best. Gradually, the whole education is shifting towards andragogical approach (Student centered) from the pedagogical approach of learning. With this shift the competition also reposed towards the student generated. Nowadays, almost all of the aspirants (whichever is their field of education) are in a gritty race of competition in their journey of success. The passing marks which were enough to get enter in any enterprise for our parents or grand-parents are now of no worth for this generation. There is a competition for each single or even a decimal mark among the school students then what to say for the higher education and national level competitive examinations.  

The number of students those appeared for civil service exam, NEET, IIT or others in the past decades now experiencing a great hike in their numbers. There lies a huge difference between demand and supply curve of the employment opportunities. Supply is increasing with arithmetic progression while demand in geometric progression. This lags the students behind in the gritty race despite of being working hard.  

Today in this article we will explore the real meaning of success and how to cope up with tough competition through following ways of scrutinization:  

Realize your Potential 

One cannot achieve anything until he realizes his own potential. Here I am giving you an example- there lives a man named Rohan who has a need of Rs. 10,000/- per month to fulfill his monthly expenses. He works daily as per his potential with a preset limit of earning 10,000 per month and he do so. Once he has faced an urgent need of huge amount for which he has to work hard by all his potential and he succeed in earning Rs. 50,000 in the same time period. That day he realized his potential that he can achieve much more than he is now. Until and unless you come out of this limit and utilize your utmost potential you could never uplift yourself. Never set limits, no-one can obtain 70 marks in exam if he is set to attempt only 70 questions.   

Explore the world 

If someone really wants to get fame or success then leave the path which millions of people are following. Choose your own path to flourish, you cannot eat fish if you are a vegan. Then how could you succeed by following the way you can’t walk. The world is full of opportunities but you have to explore them with your zeal and potentialities.   

Compete with yourself 

“Person who solely focus on competition will ruin. Those who focus on value creation will flourish.”  

The best competitor you could find resides in the mirror in front of you. Present day students merely focus on the value creation or self-grooming, instead they are just running to defeat others. Try to make a better version of yourself every new morning with quality cultivation, practice, dedication and perseverance. One day you will be the best version of yourself, leaving others behind. 

You Deserve it 

Believe yourself, you are the shaper of your destiny. You deserve every single thing of this world that you wish to have. Millions of people could not trust upon you until you trust yourself. 

Don’t be depressed 

Success is a journey not a destination, you will meet with several failures on the way to destination, so never feel depressed. One cannot fail until he accepts failure. Many people lose heart and finish everything leaving behind the aspirations, dreams and expectations of their parents and loved ones in grief. When feeling of being alone and hopelessness engulfs, we ruin ourself permanently. This is really not a moral solution but a sign of cowardness. Build-up strong will-power specially if you are in present day competition scenario. There may be some other valid and obvious reasons (demand-supply, luck) behind the failure, don’t blame yourself for everything instead find a light to walk on the dark path to utilize your skills and be the great change. 

 Success is just a journey 

“Success is never final; failure is never fatal.”   

Many of us continue to run after the extrinsic needs throughout the life, without realizing where the real happiness lies. The individuals who are upbeat, living vibrant lives and anticipating the future can just accomplish interminable harmony and success in genuine manner. Make healthy relationships and strive to balance motivation and drive with humility. Stroll with your head high and your heart humble and you’ll definitely locate the best feeling of inner harmony and wholeness. 

Happiness resides within you 

Happiness is something that make you feel satisfied. This is not merely a designation which you are craving for. Most of the people searching for happiness outside which in reality resides within themselves. It comes from the way you think or act.  

Concluding with the accompanying words, “A healthy competition is must to brush up the potential but always remember, your best competitor/ rival can be none other than you.” 

Competition is no doubt escalating every day but you must have the faith on your own qualities and capabilities, which are also revamping day by day with the development of technology and skills. 

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