Which newspaper is best for the UPSC preparation?

                                   Which newspaper is best for the UPSC preparation?

As we all know Newspapers are an utmost source of learning current affairs and other National and International topics.UPSC Aspirants know very well that Civil Service Exam demands thorough knowledge &  clarity of thoughts on socio-economic issues , current affairs and the latest government policies.

            A question which is very often arisen by the UPSC aspirants that what newspaper we should read while preparing for CSE so , don’t take stress . Here we will provide you  the complete information about it.

Here is the list of the best newspapers you have to read for IAS preparation:-

  • The Hindu Newspaper

                                            The Hindu plays the most significant role while preparing for UPSC or in any other competitive exam . Many UPSC toppers suggested the Hindu because of the following reasons :

  • It improves your communication skills as well as your English ( No one can easily read it , until or unless they don’t have a strong English vocabulary ) so if anyone reads this newspaper ,its help us to built strong vocabulary .
  • In UPSC , all the questions based on current affairs , comes from The Hindu directly.
  • By reading The Hindu it will improve your whole personality as a person.
  • The Indian Express

                                        The Indian Express is founded in 1932 by Ramnath Goenka. This newspaper is  also included in one of the best newspapers while preparing for UPSC due to the several reasons:

  • There is a fine articulation of facts in a frank language in The Indian Express.
  • In UPSC mains the questions asked are mainly based on opinions so, answering for such types of questions the thorough analysis provided in the editorial section will be helpful.
  • The editorial pages will also helps in increasing your reading speed and also for the essay preparation in UPSC mains.
  • Business Standard –

                                     The editorials & articles in the Business Standard will help you to collect genuine information on the current events happening in the economy which is a crucial subject in Civil Service Examination.

  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)-

                                                                               The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization. The articles published in the BBC are helpful for UPSC mains as well as in prelims. By reading BBC you can cultivate knowledge about international affairs.

                          This is the two main Newspapers, after that there are some important magazines  which UPSC toppers suggest in toppers talk:

  • Yojana Magazine

                                  It is the best magazine for UPSC  which is published by the Indian Government.

  • Kurukshetra Magazine

                                       It is a monthly magazine published by the Government of India. It covers a good portion of the UPSC mains syllabus especially for general studies, in it, we can also find out recently launched Government schemes, Government initiatives, Policy initiatives etc.

  • Down to Earth

                           It is a semimonthly magazine, in this magazine environmental issues and awareness are especially focused. It is very useful for those UPSC aspirants who take geography as their optional subject. The aspirants must read and analyze the topics according to the syllabus.

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